Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visiting the Kings summerpalace, Cha-Am

All of us out side the Kings summer palace! We had to cover both knees and shoulders...

The girl in pink t-shirt is Poltif, a friend and also our guide!

Standing in front of the beach

The kings palace, was very big. But not as luxury as we thought...

Amy loooved the security-ropes.
Ok, over to Cha-Am !
Waiting for food...20 min of waiting
Mom eating food...
Olivia and Amy is still waiting for food...40 min of waiting
 Dad eating his food, 1 hour of waiting.
Amy, a professional photographer!
Olivia and Amy STILL waiting for food...1,5 hour of waiting
Julia have just got her food, 
but Olivia and Amy havent got their food yet. 2 hours of waiting

Ended up on Burger King for Olivia and Amy,
and Julia,Grandma,Grandpa,Mom and Dad went for dessert...

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