Saturday, June 26, 2010

It´s not fair!!

How come some people can go out and be in the sun for hours without any problems, they just get a really deep tan (Camilla) and then there are other people (Me) who if they are out in the sun for just some minutes (actually had resistant 20 on me),they get really burned RED and have to be inside for days....It´s just not fair...:-(   So today I´m swimming in the pool with 50 resistant and a t-shirt....

Now we are on our way to take the MC:s and explore the outside of Hua Hin....

TO Frida 13 years old today!!

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Frida Happy birthday to you!

I'm so sad because I'cant be with you on your big day so thats why I congratulate you on the blog so 

here I't goes congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats 13 congrats I hope you'll have a wonderful day and get a lot of presents(when I come home you get more presents 4 sure!)See yaa!<333 

FROM Julia!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Morning !

Helloooo sunshine!
Its been a couple of rainy days, so when I woke up this morning, and went to see how the weather was like    , and saw this beautiful sunshine, I suddenly became a sunshine.

 Today we were going to go to this beautiful park with flowers, and rainfalls,and stuff.
(not our garden :P )
But NOOOOOOOOH! Mom and dad  haven´t planned everything yet.
Sooooo, I HAVE TO WAIT for tomorrows plan.

And you have to wait for tomorrows plan too, if you want any pictures, ain´t that sad? :(
Well have a happy, midsummer day, and sing all those Swedish songs for me ;)


// Olivia

Sightseeing Hua Hin

We decided to go to see the old railroad station which is a must (that´s what we have been told anyway) so when arriving there we realised that yes it was charming, still in use and our girls said: Do we need to be here, what is so special with this place? we tried to explain that this ios culture, i don´t think we have the same vocabulary ...the didn´t understand anyway....

Please can we do something else???

Ok so we went to the fishing pier where all the fishing boats are, and it was wonderful....

A lot of boats...

A beautiful beach just by the pier....

We found a seafood restaurant who was just by the beach...not so great food but a wonderful view...

I don´t want Coke I want soda.....when we say that Coke is soda ...hmmm...OK!!!

(Jag vill inte ha Coca-Cola, jag vill ha läsk..- men Coca-Cola är läsk!..-hmmm OK då!!)

The days goes by and we love it!!!

Promised my wife to not put up any pictures with her in a bikini, so we skip that part...Anyway we haven´t been blogging for some days since we have been busy just having a great time..(except for poor Julia who got food poisoned two days ago and had to be still for a day) not going to that restaurant again...
Anyway today we decided to take our bikes to see Hua Hin, our first stop was a market we had seen on our way to town, but there where no westerners there, so we got curious...they had second hand shoes, clothes, tools and so on but most of all it turned out to be a food we decided to show you some pictures..and yes we did buy something....corn....

Buying corn....25 baht per kilo

Newly skinned frogs and small birds...after this sight the kids said to eachother..."look at dads feets and don´t look up".....they went through the rest of the market watching the dust....

Going past the fish it turned out that they were still alive and I got splashed all over my face....


Pepper, pepper, pepper...

With Julias experience just a day ago, we decided not to try the goodies at the market today....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday really hot and then comes the cloud...thank you!!!

Today when we woke up it was really hot over 35 degrees C, we swam in the pool for a while but it got just to hot and then...they came, I´ve never been so happy for the clouds...Now we are taking the Motorbike to the city to eat...haven´t decided if it will be Sizzler and salad or Night Market and Thaifood yet...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today we watched the royal wedding between Victoria and Daniel (we are from sweden)If I'm gonna comment something about the wedding I just have to say The wedding was not a small wedding it was a BIG BIG wedding and beautiful!

Mom, Amy,Grandma,Granpa and me watched the royal wedding on the internet!We ate a lot of chips and candy It was nice!

Dad and Olivia went to the jazz festival on the beach after that they rented a motor-bike thats all we did today!


Thailand by Olivia

I´m sorry that i haven´t wrote something on this blog, but dad haven´t let me yet.....
Soooo, now I´m here, and I´m gonna tell you about my start of my vacation in Thailand.

We (Mom,Julia, Amy,Grandma,Grandpa and I) took a plane to Frankfurt, and from Frankfurt to Bangkok.
It was pretty cool to see all the clouds from up high, and all the beautiful lights and stuff.
I think its nice to fly...but the only problem is the food, and to always keep yourself occupied.
So we landed on the ground of Bangkok...
It was nice, I could´nt see a difference from the Swedish ground, but it was such a different climate.

So now I´m here..
In Thailand, sitting on this outside sofa, just 5 meters away from this awesome pool we have.
Jacuzzi (that does´nt work) and a pretty big pool.
Just for me!
And my family....
Its absolutely beautiful here. Just look at the pictures!

Have a nice day, I promise I will.

Byeeeeee Olivia

Thursday by Julia

Hi this is Julia! Today i got to put something  on the blog so Im just gonna write about what we did yesterday Thursday.


At first we woke up at 11:30 again! After woking up Mom,Dad,Olivia And Amy ate breakfast while I was swimming in the pool,then grandma and grandpa came here to meet us and swim in our pool.Then I Olivia and Dad went to village market to take out some money and then Amy Mom,Grandma and Grandpa came to the market to and we went to by some ice cream at Swensens me and Olivia shared a earthquake and thats 8 flavors in that + wipped cream it was good but we almost couldn't eat it all up because it was very big.Then we were supposed t go to the jazz festival put we were cut up by the big market THAT SOLD ALLOT of clothes very cheap.
I´ll be back ! // Julia

Friday, June 18, 2010

Night day 3 - Market Village

In the end of the day, we had to take care of some shopping, we realized that the phone bill would be enormous if we call from our regular phones, so off we go to buy cheap cheap cheap thaiphones and simcards... at Market Village....this is a shopping center quite big with food, clothes, banks and of course mobilephones, we ended up buying phones for everyone (average price 250 sek) except Amy...well Olivia and Julia had saved to buy new phones and found exactly what they wanted for around half the price in Sweden.

Coca-Cola have an event outside the center during the whole World Cup Championship in Football (Soccer)

Kick the ball in the holes and win prices....


Day 3 in Hua Hin

Today(thursday) we started of late everyone was so tired so we slept til 11.30, which was kind of a new record for me, it has to have been at least 20 years ago since I slept so long! Not so hot only 30 degrees Celsius. Then hitting the pool the whole family just relaxing.
After a while we went to the ocean and the beach to meet with my in laws, we were practically alone on the beach....
Getting hungry and going to a Thai restaurant Nern Chalet.

The view from the restaurant! the way, if you read on the top you can see that the chef recommended this particular dishes (it said the same on every page :-) )

We had soup Tom Khai Gai (Chicken, coconut milk, ginger, lemonleaves and pepper) Chicken Satay (Chicken skewers with peanutsauce and rice), Olivia had Gordon Bleu 
(like wienerschnitzel stuffed with cheese) the last one wasn´t really Thai style...

Fried rice, prawns, pinapple and pepper served in a pinapple shell...

I´m enjoying myself on the restaurant padio!

Pictures from our garden!

Inside the house

Welcome to our house!!!

Cool huh!!

Same same, but different!!

Some pictures from the start of the trip!


At Landvetter airport in Gothenburg, at least one of us knew were she was going!

Checking In!!

Mother in law Kristina, Camilla and Father in law Sven-Allan...

Expectations are high before take off!!

Bye bye beautiful Sweden!!!

Sleeping beauty!!!

Not so sleepy anymore!

All of them are as beautiful as their Mom!!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thailand day 2

Last night we fell asleep really late, but finally the house was quite around 3 am in the morning Thai time, 10 in the evening Swede time...
In the morning I went in to the rental office with a list of 11 things that needed to be changed and then I went to buy a usb modem, then in to the restaurant Sizzler to eat, they charged me 208 baht (about 52 sek, 7 usd, 4.8 euros...) this for a delicious salads buffe and teriyaki chicken and a can of Coca-Cola light. Thai salads buffe was including pasta with meat sauce, about 30 different salad ingredients, 7 dressings and fresh fruits of different kinds...ok.ok...I know I´m hungry again.....OK OFF TO THE NIGHT MARKET....
The first day in Thailand was an experience, when coming to Hua Hin, the company that is renting out "our" house tells us the house we decided to rent 6 months ago (and payed deposition for) were not available, something was wrong with the pool, so they suggested another house for us...:-( not as nice house I think, not cleaned, old used linens, old clothes in the closets, leftovers in the fridge and a really discusting smell in Millans and my bedroom/bathroom and internet???? We had to move out from our bedroom...