Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thailand by Olivia

I´m sorry that i haven´t wrote something on this blog, but dad haven´t let me yet.....
Soooo, now I´m here, and I´m gonna tell you about my start of my vacation in Thailand.

We (Mom,Julia, Amy,Grandma,Grandpa and I) took a plane to Frankfurt, and from Frankfurt to Bangkok.
It was pretty cool to see all the clouds from up high, and all the beautiful lights and stuff.
I think its nice to fly...but the only problem is the food, and to always keep yourself occupied.
So we landed on the ground of Bangkok...
It was nice, I could´nt see a difference from the Swedish ground, but it was such a different climate.

So now I´m here..
In Thailand, sitting on this outside sofa, just 5 meters away from this awesome pool we have.
Jacuzzi (that does´nt work) and a pretty big pool.
Just for me!
And my family....
Its absolutely beautiful here. Just look at the pictures!

Have a nice day, I promise I will.

Byeeeeee Olivia

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